District 19 Member Awarded Large Arbitration Settlement

In late 2015, Alvin Livingston, was charged by the carrier, Union Pacific, and withheld from service. An investigation was conducted, and Brother Livingston was dismissed on October 28, 2015.
Feeling wrongfully terminated, Livingston, a 15-year member of District 19 Local Lodge 1338, turned to his union for help. General Chairman Heath Jacobs represented Brother Livingston, processing his case up to and including a Public Law Board hearing.
After a long fight, justice was finally served.
Recently, the Neutral Member and Chairman (Arbitrator) of the Board ruled: “Because the Carrier charged Claimant with dishonesty but did not demonstrate substantial evidence to support that allegation, Claimant shall be reinstated to service with the discipline charging dishonesty expunged from his record. Claimant shall also be made whole in all respects.”
Brother Livingston was returned to work and received $140,591.28 in back pay. In addition, General Chairman Jacobs processed an appeal with LECMPA and Brother Livingston received an additional $26,765.30 in an insurance payment (LECMPA is a non-profit insurance company that offers job insurance against lost wages from suspension or discharge because of an inadvertent rule infraction).
“A perfect example of the Union at Work for You,” said General Chairman Jacobs.

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IAM Lobbying Results in FAA Provisions for Customer Service Agents and Flight Attendants

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Friday introduced the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2018. The proposed five-year bill includes language that would provide protection for customer service agents from physical abuse and also gives flight attendants a minimum rest of at least ten uninterrupted hours.
The IAM has been aggressively lobbying Congress to adopt this pro-airline worker language, meeting with lawmakers from both parties and holding rallies on Capitol Hill. IAM members have also called members from the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, urging them to support these changes.
“The IAM has vigorously fought on Capitol Hill to have this language included in this bill,” said Transportation GVP Sito Pantoja. “I congratulate our legislative team and our IAM members who lobbied tirelessly to bring these protections to fruition.”
The bill also contains key U.S. aviation job protections, a study on the safety impact of shrinking seat pitch, cabin evacuation standards, no voice calls on planes, cockpit secondary barriers and nursing facilities in airports.
The IAM, however, has deep concerns regarding language in the bill that could weaken the demand for fully qualified airframe and powerplant technicians.
“Although much progress was achieved in this bill, we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us to protect the future of licensed aircraft mechanics,” added GVP Pantoja.

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