Sign the Petition to Protect Pensions

Please sign the petition to urge Congress’s Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pensions to support the Butch Lewis Act as the best solution to fund insolvent multiemployer pension plans and avert a looming retirement crisis for millions of Americans.

The Butch Lewis Act (S. 2147), introduced by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), would offer federally subsidized loans to multiemployer plans in danger of becoming insolvent. It would also maintain the health of well-funded multi-employer plans and adequately fund the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC), without making any cuts to the earned benefits of current or future retirees. Plans would invest the money from these loans and use the investment earnings to pay retiree benefits and improve the plan’s financial health.

“We will urge members of the committee to adopt the principles of the Butch Lewis Act in their legislation,” said Machinists Union International President Robert Martinez Jr. “The government did not hesitate to bail out Wall Street, and now it is time to help Main Street. We are resolute in protecting the earned pension benefits of union workers, retirees and all Americans.”

Please sign the petition .

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IAM Florida Sugar Workers Defeat Anti-Sugar Amendment

IAM Florida Sugar workers and the IAM Legislative Team have defeated an anti-sugar worker farm bill amendment that would have flooded the U.S. market with subsidized imports and depressed farmers’ take-home pay.

The Foxx-Davis amendment would have caused the loss of thousands of U.S. jobs. Thanks to the IAM’s work on Capitol Hill, its defeat will secure over 142,000 jobs in 22 states.

“This is not only a victory for the U.S. sugar farmers and workers, but it is a huge victory for the communities where IAM members live and work,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “I am tremendously proud of the IAM Florida Sugar members and their lobbying efforts over the past few months.”

“This is welcome news for IAM members working in the Florida sugar industry, said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin. “I’m proud of our members who stood firm to protect their jobs and families against bad legislation. This legislative victory clearly demonstrates that we can win when we step up and fight for what’s right.”

IAM Florida Sugar Workers jobs include every part of the sugarcane farming, milling and refining processes on American soil, including many positions requiring skilled trades, such as machinists and welders.

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GVP Gruber Presents Retired Roger Nauyalis with 50-Year IAM Member Gold Card

IAM General Vice President Philip J. Gruber presents retired IAM Midwest Territory Administrative Assistant Roger Nauyalis with his 50-year IAM member gold card, certificate and pin.

Roger Nauyalis initiated into the IAM in 1967 when he began working as an electronic technician at a Gulf & Western plant in Moline, IL. He served as a Steward, Chief Steward, Shop Chairperson, Local Lodge Officer and District Lodge Officer and was elected as a Business Representative in 1972. Nauyalis was appointed to a Grand Lodge Representative in 1978. In July 2006, Gruber called upon Nauyalis to serve as his Administrative Assistant. He served in that capacity until his retirement in 2010.

“It is with great honor that I present Roger with his 50-year IAM member gold card, certificate and pin,” said Gruber. “Not only is Roger my former Administrative Assistant, but he’s also a friend. At 72 years old, he’s dedicated more than half his life to the labor movement. He’s a true Journeyman in every sense of the word. Thank you Roger for your 50 years of service to our great union.”


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