Join IAM Flight Attendants in March 16 Rally for Rest

Flight Attendants hit Capitol Hill demanding passage of the Flight Attendant Fatigue Amendment

IAM Flight Attendants need your help securing 10 hours rest after a full duty day, the same rest period given to pilots.

Join them as they take the fight to Washington, DC on Wednesday, March 16:

10:30 a.m.: Rally for Rest at the Capitol Visitor Center Auditorium
12 — 4 p.m.: Congressional Office Visits

Please RSVP and send any questions to

If you can’t make it, please call members of the Senate Commerce Committee and tell them to include language mirroring the House-approved Flight Attendant Fatigue amendment in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill. Click here for a list of committee members and a sample phone script.

Preceding the Rally for Rest, IAM Transportation General Vice President Sito Pantoja sent a letter on behalf of the IAM, and the thousands of Flight Attendants it represents to Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK), urging him to support two flight attendant fatigue amendments to the FAA reauthorization bill.

Both amendments mirror the Flight Attendant Fatigue language that was agreed to in the House FAA bill.

“The Senate bill in its current form does NOT adequately prescribe minimum rest requirements for chronically fatigued flight attendants,” said Pantoja. “Flight attendants must have 10 hours rest with a Fatigue Risk Management Plan (“FRMP”) that specifically addresses the chronic fatigue that plagues our nation’s flight attendants.”

WATCH: Fight for 10 Hours Rest

Only One Presidential Candidate is Standing Up for IAM Jobs, Ex-Im Bank

IAM Endorsed Hillary Clinton is the only 2016 presidential candidate that stands with the IAM in supporting the EX-IM Bank

Machinists from all across the country understand the importance of the U.S. Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank and what it means to hundreds of thousands Americans. IAM-endorsed Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in the 2016 presidential race that has the IAM’s back on this issue and doesn’t want to get rid of the federal program that supports many IAM jobs.

“The Ex-Im Bank enables U.S. manufacturers and workers to compete fairly with our global competitors, particularly in the high wage aerospace industry, one of the last sectors in which the U.S. enjoys a positive balance of trade with the rest of the world,” said International President Bob Martinez in a recent statement. “As the largest aerospace union in North America, we in the IAM know firsthand what is at stake. The Ex-Im Bank means jobs for our members, as well as for hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

Click here for facts about the EX-Im Bank

Here’s where the other candidates stand:

Bernie Sanders-opposes-calls Ex-Im corporate welfare and voted against reauthorization last year

Donald Trump-opposes-referred to Ex-Im as “feather-bedding” and something that benefits just politicians and a few companies that could do well without it

Ted Cruz-opposes-refers to it as a “corrupt crony-capitalist fiasco”

Marco Rubio-opposes-refers to the bank as a “relic of the past” and wants to “end the Export-Import Bank forever .”

John Kasich-opposes-believes that the bank should not continue .

The facts are in 2015, the Ex-Im Bank supported $17 billion in U.S. exports and 109,000 U.S. jobs, according to its 2015 Annual Report . The Ex-Im Bank also added over $430 million to the U.S. Treasury for debt reduction.

Watch: The Ex-Im Bank is Back in Business

IAM, TCU, Rail Labor Coalition Reach Deal with New Jersey Transit

IAM and TCU negotiators after reaching deal to advert strike

The IAM and TCU, part of a coalition of 13 unions representing more than 4,000 workers at New Jersey Transit (NJT), reached a tentative agreement with the commuter rail carrier just over 24 hours before the workers were set to strike. The strike would have been the first work stoppage at NJT in 33 years, shutting down the nation’s third-largest commuter railroad.

“I am very pleased to see an agreement reached without our members having to strike,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “Reaching a deal always works better for everyone. Our members and the workers at NJT can finally get a contract they deserve.”

“A strike was always the last option for New Jersey Transit workers, who have waited almost five years for a fair contract,” said IAM Transportation General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “I’d like to thank the membership of the IAM and TCU, and the entire Union Coalition, for their dogged determination and solidarity.”

The agreement follows two separate Presidential Emergency Boards (PEB’s) appointed by President Obama to make non-binding recommendations to settle the outstanding contract dispute between New Jersey Transit (NJT) and the coalition of all the unions, including Transportation Communications Union (TCU-IAM) Carmen, Clerks and Supervisors.

The PEB’s found the unions’ proposals reasonable, however NJT rejected the recommendations as too costly, and negotiations remained at impasse.

The tentative agreement is subject to a membership ratification vote.