IAM Members at Southwest Reap Cash Windfall

When IAM members at Southwest Airlines ratified their most recent contract in December 2014, they not only received wage increases, lump sum payments and other improvements, they also ratified IAM negotiated protections against falling behind other Southwest employee groups who were still in negotiations.

IAM leadership and negotiators smartly bargained a “true-up” clause, which requires that IAM-represented Customer Service Agents and Customer Representatives receive the same percentage wage rate, lump sum and variable bonus increases as Southwest Ramp, Operations, Provisioning and Freight Agents. This negotiated wage and economic protection maintains IAM members’ wage rates ahead of their internal counterparts for the duration of their agreement, which becomes amendable in December 2018.

“IAM members at Southwest Airlines have been and continue to be critical component of that carrier’s success and are fully deserving of the benefits of their IAM contract,” said IAM Transportation General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “I’d also like to thank the IAM Negotiating Committee for having the vision to ensure IAM members at Southwest would never fall behind and will continue to lead the way at the carrier.”

“We knew where the industry was going and negotiated a contract that ensured IAM members’ compensation remained at the top at Southwest Airlines,” said IAM District 142 President Dave Supplee. “IAM members at Southwest can expect another well-deserved raise and lump sum payment because of their IAM contract.”

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Union Members Lift Clinton to Victory in Nevada

Hillary Clinton, pictured with IAM supporters at a rally in Alexandria, VA, won a hard-fought victory in the Nevada caucuses.

IAM and other union members helped propel Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to a critical victory in Nevada’s “First in the West” caucuses. Clinton, who garnered 53 percent of caucus votes, was bolstered by the strong support of women, African Americans and union households, according to exit polls .

The IAM is one of more than 20 unions to have endorsed Clinton, the former secretary of state and U.S. senator from New York.

“Hillary’s win in Nevada was due in large part to union households,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “This proves the labor movement still has the collective power to make a difference. Remember, we have the power! The key is to hold all politicians accountable to the ideal of supporting working families. I would like to offer a sincere thank you to all the Fighting Machinists and the rest of labor who put boots on the ground to make this happen.”

Clinton will be looking to back up wins in the Nevada and Iowa caucuses with a victory in the South Carolina primary on February 27.

“We hear you, we see you, we’re incredibly grateful to you because we’re in this together,” Clinton said of her supporters during her victory speech. “We look at our country and see so much that isn’t working the way it should … Americans are right to be angry, but we’re also hungry for real solutions.”

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Martinez Elected to AFL-CIO Executive Council

IAM International President Bob Martinez was unanimously elected to the AFL-CIO’s Executive Council at the labor federation’s meetings in San Diego. Martinez, a 36-year IAM member, succeeds former IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger on the council.

“I am honored to be elected to serve on the AFL-CIO Executive Council,” said Martinez after being sworn in. “I am fully aware that I follow in big footsteps: William Winpisinger, George Kourpias and now Tom Buffenbarger. Each of them was a champion representing our members at this table.”

Three top officers and 55 vice presidents make up the AFL-CIO Executive Council, which guides the daily work of the federation.